2020 Jubilee

We exceeded our goal!


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2020 Jubilee

In the interest of public health, we regret that we are not able to present our 5th Annual Luncheon this year. However, celebrating and honoring The Village Project will continue, despite COVID-19’s efforts to impede our enthusiasm.

We hope you join in the symphony of praises during

TVPI’s 2020 Jubilee!    


Over the next two months, we will be highlighting, celebrating, honoring,

and financially supporting the multitude of TVPI’s programs. 

Our fundraising goal of $50,000 was met!

We've almost met our new goal of $65,000!!

Local corporate leaders are kicking off our Jubilee with

an inspirational donation of $16k combined, starting us off over 30% of our goal. 

Thank you to

Cal-Am Water

Ow Family Properties

California Endowment

for their Inspiration Gifts!


The 2020 Jubilee concludes July 31, 2020. 

Join us now in supporting this wonderful organization!

“I love that The Village Project cares for multiple segments of the community - from families to parents to students - helping people in the community feel supported in so many ways. Parenting skills, mental health services, empowerment workshops, and academic support address root causes and issues, helping the people they serve become their best selves. By attending events and working with students who benefit from The Village Project's support, I've seen the confidence and preparation that they instill, all in a loving and safe place.”


- Terry Uchida, donor

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