Saturday African American Pride School

“The program is built around the psycho-social educational model, it’s not just academic. It’s made a big difference for our whole family…it’s good to know my daughter has a place to go where people care about her. The children are getting (a culturally relevant) education (for people of African ancestry) that they are not getting at their school.”


- Denina Speights-Carroll, parent

“Emanyatta has been a life changing program for me, I have personally learned so much about my history and it has given me a new love and pride about myself and my culture. I also have been blessed enough to watch the children or warriors as we call them, being greatly impacted by the program. Little girls who were once ashamed of the curly coils in their hair being proud to rock their latest curly hairstyle. Little boys who once sat with their hood on and head down ashamed of who they are standing tall and saying out loud that they too are a genius just like their ancestors.”


- April Dunham, Cultural Warrior Healer / Tutor, TVPI

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