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Eagala Model

Equine Assisted Therapy

In partnership with the free-spirited horses, our goal is to offer hope, promote healing, and support transformation within human beings.

The Eagala Model Equine Assisted Therapy is an innovative, experiential approach that incorporates horses into the client’s mental health therapy session designed to help clients identify their goals, face their fears, and work through barriers in life. Eagala’s team approach is comprised of a mental health professional, equine specialist, and horses in the pasture or arena with clients at all times. The goal is for clients to interact with the horses from the ground, as there is no riding involved. Clients observe the horses’ reactions to them and then identify ways in which these reactions could be metaphors representing a situation or pattern going on in the clients’ life. This approach to mental health therapy has been found to be effective in treating people with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, difficulties forming and maintaining relationships, adverse childhood experiences, and addiction.

“The Village Project brings children to work with horses in Carmel Valley. Founded 11 years ago The Village Project is dedicated to meeting the needs of the under-served communities of  Monterey County. “A big part of what they do is therapy for children and adults.Over the last year, the Village Project has been able to add equine therapy to its list of services thanks to a unique partnership with the equine community of Carmel Valley.” (KSBW, Conrad, 2019)


The Village Project, Inc. Horse Assisted Programs

Equine Assisted Therapy Program-This a 12 session program providing clinical treatment to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in people suffering from a variety of mental health challenges to include ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, developmental delays, genetic syndromes, brain injuries, PTSD, behavioral issues, abuse, and several other mental health related challenges.  In our Eagala model of equine assisted psychotherapy, we hold space in the pasture for clients’ interacting with horses in a self-determining manner to help them explore their feelings, build confidence, learn respect, find peace, build trust, develop social skills, and learn boundaries.

Horsemanship-This program will provide the opportunity for children to learn to care for animals, expose them to the anatomy of the horse, teach them to muck, halter, groom, saddle and ride. The program will also expose them to STEM related careers of interest such as farrier and veterinarian care. They will develop communication skills, empathy, leadership, and patience. Research shows that exposure to animals can lead to improvements in relationships with family, friends, and peers.

Environmental Stewardship-This program will allow clients to learn the value of conserving natural resources, combating pollution, and protecting biodiversity. Clients will gain an understanding of the connection between the environment and all forms of life and the role they have in protecting the earth.


“Horses are God’s gift to mankind.” Arabian Proverb

Giving Needs:

  • Horse Board Fees at Bay Laurel Ranch: $465.00 /per horse


  • Hay: $110.00 /per horse


  • Vitamin Supplements: $30.00/per horse


  • Farrier (Hooves): $50.00/per horse


  • Veterinarian care: $120.00/per horse


  • Dental care: $400.00

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"My name is Dakota Midnight"

"My name is Able"


"My name is Rusty"

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