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“TVPI caters to the children…and listens to the children and the parents in order to better the children’s education and their lives. If you want to be fully involved in your children’s educational future and progression, this is the place to start… because the program fosters parent involvement and children involvement. {Parents} always have a say and a safe haven to voice opinions when it comes to your child’s education, wellbeing, and mental stability.” 


- Karla Lobo, parent

"Mae C. Johnson Education & Cultural Enrichment Academy is so near to my heart; not only did this program help me graduate from high school when I was a student, but it put me in a position to learn and grow towards my career dream of being a teacher. When I think about this program one word comes to mind, FAMILY. I have 45 children that I did not birth and I have brothers and sisters in my coworkers that are not blood."


- April Dunham,

Cultural Warrior Healer / Tutor

Monday-Friday 2:00pm - 6:00pm  Wednesdays 1:00pm - 6:00pm

The goal of the program is to prepare at risk students from grades 1 to 12 for academic success through a multi-pronged learning approach to include tutoring, using computers for academic research and enrichment activities such as music events and outings to art and cultural museums. Visits to selected universities and colleges will also be organized for these students as an enhancement to the educational support this project will provide. The Village Project education and Cultural Enrichment Academy will employ the established strategy of one-on-one tutoring to help attain our stated goal.

Academy Expectations
Although results will vary per individual student, The Village Project, Inc. expects our students to pass with a letter grade no lower than a C in the classes that they are at risk for failing, a circumstance that would negatively impact their possibility for promotion to the next grade or graduation if they are seniors. To ensure that the capabilities of the program are in line with the expectations of the program, The Village Project, Inc. is committed to offering experienced tutors, inventive approaches to learning, computer technology and a safe learning environment.

Measuring Success
All students enrolled in the tutoring academy will be given before and after assessments to be used as one aspect of measurements when determining the increase in proficiency of each student in their respective subjects and areas of job and social skill development, and level of academic growth for a school semester. Additional assessments will be conducted periodically to determine the success of the tutoring strategy or to help identify the need to alter the strategy to better meet the needs of the participant. However, the ultimate measurement will come from the students’ demonstrated ability to complete lessons in the classroom setting and achieving the letter grade “C” or better