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               1069 BROADWAY AVENUE, SUITE 201, SEASIDE, CA

An ongoing group designed to positively affect behaviors and develop social/ Emotional  skill for youth of  middle and high  school ages, many of whom have been deemed "At Risk" for failure in school and in life. One Circle is about instilling belief that they are in fact "Youth of Promise" and the only thing they are " At Risk" of is being successful in school and in life. 

This group - One Circle - is about building a supportive community for each other, enhancing self-esteem, interpersonal skills and resiliency and healthy and helpful decision that will lead to success in school, in their communities and in all other walks of life.

Youth come from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, yet are joined by one purpose. Hence the group's name " One Circle". the group is facilitated by seaside native Ron Manjares, who, in his own words, explains that he  "was once one of them." Ron is a well-known and highly thought of Community Mentor and role model for the youth.

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