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The Village Project celebrates all of its students for their resilience and perseverance amid racist systems and personal challenges.  TVPI is particularly proud of the Class of 2020, from Kindergarten through PhD!

Below are a few exemplar student stories.

E'raya J.


(c) Ian Martin Photography

E’raya credits The Village Project’s Academy and its donors in supporting her growth and achievement as a learner and individual.  Without the individualized tutoring, beginning in the second grade, E’raya would have never have read at grade-level due to her vision and learning differences.  She worked hard and overcame a tremendous number of obstacles to achieve High Honor Roll her senior year at York School!  Faculty at York greatly admired her perseverance and advocacy, awarding her the 2020 Faculty Award for her enormous contributions to the School and community.  As the NAACP Monterey County Youth Chapter president for four years, E'raya organized monthly meetings, annual fundraisers, and Martin L. King Jr. Marches and events.  She has been a keynote and guest speaker at numerous events, including for The Village Project. 

E’raya plans to continue her education at MPC, exploring options in the medical field. Congratulations, E’raya!


Anthony K., Jr.

Anthony plans to continue his education, studying music composition. Congratulations, Anthony!

Anthony also credits The Village Project in supporting his growth and achievement.  Anthony joined in the xxth grade, behind in English having only spoken Brazilian Portuguese as a child.  With the therapy that Regina Battle provided and the tutors after school, in and around the 9th grade everything started to excel as he was able to better understand the assignments.  In 10th grade, Anthony transitioned out of special education with the help of his teachers and behavioral therapist. He stayed after school to attend work study sessions, keeping his grades above a C and often keeping them at As and Bs.  Anthony did all of this because of the foundation The Village Project laid.  He overcame all obstacles thanks to Regina and The Village Project. 

Stacey A.

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