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Lucille Hralima Mental Health Education Series

TVPI holds monthly forums on mental health topics of concern to Communities of Color. Mental health practitioners, faith community leaders, past clients and community members make up the panels.

History of Series

  • The Village Project, Inc.'s Mental Health Education Series was created in early 2018, with the primary goal of educating the African American community, Communities of Color and the LGBTQ+ community on mental health. The initiative aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, which coupled with discriminatory practices, has historically hindered access to much-needed treatment for those seeking support.

  • Lucille Hralima, a social worker with the Monterey Department of Social Services, made significant contributions to The Village Project, Inc. as its first licensure-seeking intern in 2009. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder during her teenage years, Lucille utilized her personal journey to educate others about mental health, aiming to diminish the shame and stigma often associated with mental illness and its treatment.

  • Tragically, in May of 2018, Lucille lost her life in a car accident. In recognition of her unwavering dedication to breaking the stigma and educating others, the Mental Health Education Series was named in her honor.

About the Series

  • At The Village Project, Inc., our commitment of fostering mental health awareness is reflected in our monthly forums dedicated to addressing pressing mental health concerns within the African American community, Communities of Color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

  • These virtual forums, live on Zoom and our Facebook (The Village Project Seaside) serve as an invaluable platform to discuss various mental health topics. Our panels bring together a diverse range of perspectives, featuring youth, mental health practitioners, faith community leaders, active community members, etc.

  • By creating a space where voices from different walks of life converge, we aim to promote
    understanding, share experiences, and contribute to the collective well-being of our vibrant and diverse communities. Through this collaborative effort, TVPI endeavors to break down stigmas, offer support, and nurture a more inclusive dialogue surrounding mental health.

Series Topics Have Included

  • Blacks and Suicide: A call to Action

  • The Latino Community and Mental Health

  • Native American Health and Mental Health

  • Why the Black Church Should Be Involved in Mental Health

  • Women of Color and Mental Health: Breaking Barriers of Sexism and Racism

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Youth and Mental Health: Barriers, Culture & Access

  • The Transgender Community and Mental Health: Refusing Pathology by Embracing Community

  • Celebration of BeBe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Register for Upcoming Forums

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  • The first sentence will read: Register today to stay updated on monthly forums and receive the links to join on the day of.

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